Equipment van for the rescue unit Santorin

Our friends and partners from the voluntary rescue unit will receive a fully equipped equipment van as their first official truck.

Facilitating dramatically the logistics of rescue operations, the truck is also filled to the brim with useful gear, such as light uniforms, resuce equipment such as a pneumatic rescue stretcher.

Many thanks to all the supporters during the logitics and the sponsors allowing for the project to be completed.

We ar very happy that the support for this voluntary team is continued.

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Kreissparkasse Mayen
IBAN: DE90 5765 0010 0098 0531 27

Object: Rescue unit Santorin

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We gather voluntary helpers from different countries around our mission. Exchanges with like-minded poeple from around the world is a common feature of all our projects.

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We are here to support volunatry firefighting and rescue projects all over the world through equipment donations and trainings.


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